Friday, September 18, 2009

The Last Throes of the Nausea

I hope.

In the event that I decide to repeat this whole pregnancy bit, I feel the need to record a few details. From what I've been given to understand the arrival of my child and the departure of a few key portions of my brain will render me un-hesitant to embark on this path all over again. I want some record in place so at least I know what I'm getting into.

[Disclaimer: in a very serious spot in my soul I am truly grateful for my pregnancy and all that it entails and I fully intend to do it all again later.]

To the matter at hand: I have still thrown up everyday this week. It is just once. It is not even really accompanied by nausea and food aversion - which makes it dangerous. At least when food seemed like a bad idea I could be sure the throwing it up part was safer i.e. no difficult textures, no spices. But really, people, I'm very tired of throwing up. My stomach muscles have adapted and strengthened and if I didn't have the beginning of a belly I would a have a vomit-induced six pack. I have this down to a science people.

I wake up and even though I feel hungry I must remember it is not time yet. I make myself a pot of mint tea or interestingly enough "Morning sickness Tea." Sometimes I vary the routine and try Ginger Ale. Now the key to a successful round of upheaval is to limit my intake to liquids. Often, this does not seem possible and I have a banana. After an hour or sometimes two, I must put down my tea and run for the bathroom. This is an orderly jog. I often remove my glasses on the way. Then I am in place to throw up. And I am not left disappointed in this.

I have tried to vary the routine to prevent this last little manifestation of the first trimester. I have tried not eating - that's too painful, I throw up stomach acid. I have tried eating crackers before moving from bed - I just throw up crackers. I have tried eating solid foods to stave off the vomit - I then throw up the solid foods - much harder than tea. The routine is sticking right with me.

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  1. Yeah, I wish I could offer you words of encouragement, but will you settle for empathy and shared misery? The last paragraph was so true that I had to laugh. Everyone has helpful hints and things to try. And everyone is wrong. Just plain wrong.

    Having just said that, let me now join them and offer three (probably useless) ideas from my own experience. 1) and this concerns your last post as well - even though I don't do caffeine, my OB told me that Coke is actually supposed to be good for the tummy when nauseous. Not Dr. Pepper, mind you, but Coke. Apparently it was originally developed as a stomach tonic or'd have to ask Coleman. He's the one from Atlanta. She said to start with it in the morning. I kept down exactly 1/3 of one can...but perhaps it could work for you. If not, discontinue. It's a little disturbing to throw up something that dark. 2) speaking of textures, I have only two words: avoid lettuce. I don't want to talk about it. Just avoid it while you're still barfing. And finally, 3) the only things I ever kept down when I was already nauseous were graham crackers and animal crackers. My mom survived on goldfish with me, so that's another theory. Take it for what it's worth, but I'm just trying to help a dear, vomiting sister in need. Love ya, your vomit six-pack, and your baby Telep, too!