Monday, December 6, 2010

News as big as ...

We're moving back to Texas!

Crazy right? I know. And we'll be there before the New Year. Andrew accepted a job at Baylor. He's super excited about it and we're all looking forward to living near some old friends and family.

We're sad to leave our friends up North. Our time here in Canada has been great.

I'll try to keep up communications with some more frequency, in the meantime, I can assure you that babies are not conducive to packing. I put stuff in boxes; she takes it out. Great game. Slow progress.

Is this the face of a child who knows she's moving to Texas?


  1. Tell her that she'll have to give up that hat ten months of the year, unless you choose to keep the A/C on 45.

    Can't wait to have you folks back.

  2. Congratulations, Dana!! Texas will be looking forward to having you and your family back. :)

  3. Oh my goodness! What big news! I hope the move goes as smoothly as it can!

  4. the face of a child who wont have to fight mommy in putting on several jackets anymore.


  5. I'm so happy to hear it, Dana! I look forwarding to seeing you and meeting Katya. Bethany

  6. I know I'm late about the whole "move back" thing, but I must say I'm not surprised. I've learned that those who believe they've broken free from the "tractor beam" of Texas' charm ultimately find themselves pining for the Lone Star State's lush deserts, critically acclaimed Tex-Mex, and inconsistent weather patterns. Welcome never had a chance. :-)Love Ya'll