Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The reality is slowly settling in

I've been writing about being pregnant for about nine months now. You're probably aware that pregnancy usually leads to babies, but for some reason that little fact has been eluding me. There are 18 days between now and our due date and I'm beginning to realize that I'm HAVING a baby.

Here are a few clues that have tipped me off:
  • I can't see my toes
  • I can see my belly (finally!)
  • I wake up every hour or two during the night
  • I have a single subject of conversation
  • I packed a bag of things to bring to the hospital, just in case
  • I have a birthing tub in my cellar
  • I did my first load of tiny, mostly pink, baby laundry
Look at this teeny, tiny sock! How am I supposed to keep up with these things? I lose Andrew's socks and they are 18 times this size. A more paranoid version of me could reason: if I am incapable of tracking tiny baby socks, then I am incapable of tracking tiny baby.

Apparently, my subconscious is urging me to think along these lines. The night I did her laundry, I dreamed that Andrew and I had the baby and decided to take her for a walk without putting ANY clothes on her at all. In the dream, we walked several blocks before it occurred to me that she should be wrapped in something. I then asked Andrew to sacrifice his windbreaker for this purpose, not even my own soft, fleece jacket. Also in the dream, I put our naked, freezing baby in a cheap, flimsy umbrella stroller where her little head bounced all over the place. Argh! I woke up in a panic. I'm doing my best to be rational and calm here, but I'm being sabotaged from within.

Paranoia aside, we're pretty much good to go anytime now. The baby is officially full term. However, Andrew has a work training session to go to in Ottawa (five hours from here). He had the option of going now until Saturday or going the week we're due. We figured now was a relatively safer option. Realistically speaking, I'm not showing any immediate signs of labour and when I start there is enough time for him to come home. Nevertheless, feel free to add a small prayer that she will hang in there until Saturday night - after that, I'm happy for her to come join us.

But when do you think the baby will come? Feel free to amuse/terrify me with your best guess for our little one's arrival. The Telep family has a pool going - so I'll extend the invitation to the rest of our friends and family. Send me your guesses and we'll see who knows best!


  1. I head the same, crazy fear about losing Emily's socks. In 6+ months I've only lost 1 of her sock's and have probably lost a 4 or 5 of Brads. Enjoy these last few days/weeks of your pregnancy!

  2. So, I'm hoping for March 7th...then the kiddies could be exactly 8 monthes apart! If you could work at having her at 9:56pm as well that would make it even cooler. My advice though is skip the 72 hour thing, its overrated.

    Hang in there.

  3. Amy Hudson KilpatrickFebruary 22, 2010 at 7:47 PM

    I'm hoping for March 5, my own birthday! Speaking of socks, PLEASE go to AT ONCE! They have the cutest baby girl socks with little mary janes painted/sewn on them--we have at LEAST 60 pairs. I'm a total sock Nazi about them. I've torn rooms apart looking for "that d**n pink t-strap sock, size 0-6 mos! Where is it, I know you lost it!!!!" My poor husband.